Heading out

     I’m going to my first college party tonight.  Ah, the joys of having a car!  This is a pretty big deal for me though, I mean I do not go to partys.  I don’t drink, I don’t enjoy the scene, and I don’t enjoy being thrown into a mix of (sometimes wild) people that I don’t know.  Guess what though, it’s bold moves october, and I haven’t done anything bold for a while, so I’m taking this opportunity!

     It’s not quite a typical college party anyway I guess, I mean like it’s not some frat party with hundreds of people or whatever.  I met this one guy once and he’s having this party and for some reason he invited me, so I though “cool, that’s nice.”  But didn’t really plan on going.  But there’s 2 guys I actually know going as well, so I figure I’ve got some nice safety there, and the guest list is pretty small, I don’t foresee it being all too intimidating of a scene.  I mean it’ll still be a lot intimidating, just not unbearably so.  Obviously it’s intimidating if I feel the need to blog about it before hand.  I’m so lame, ha!

     But yes, it is a “real” party, as I discussed with Ivy the other night (meaning there will be alcohol present).  Not like I drink though, and besides I’ve got to drive home.  I figure I should take this chance though because it’ll be a totally new and maybe fun experience, and I don’t feel too anxious with the safety of a couple friends and my own means of escape (my car) readily available whenever I want.  This is seriously probably so lame, all of this, but it is a bold move for me.  So uh, wish me luck and all that.