waffle night

     This pre-lab reading assignment would go a whole lot better if I actually gave a fuck about what I’m reading.  It’s all electronics and calculus mumbo-jumbo, and I’m to the point of “reading” pages of text and realizing I’ve got no memory of any of it, then going back and repeating it all.  Aside from this, tonight was good though.

     I met an internet friend tonight, his name’s Daarian, he’s very cool.  He lives basically in my hometown and we’ve been internet friends for a while, but tonight was the first time I’ve met him in person.  I was honored that he invited me along to share in his tradition of Waffle Night at Linnea’s, it was a very delicious experience which I got to enjoy with good company and the best setting ever (obviously Linnea’s is the best place in SLO).  Turns out Daarian and I both took the same bus home, so we got to talk a little more, and then once on the bus he slipped on headphones and I followed suit.  It was a solitary bus ride home. I think Daarian fell asleep.  There’s a possibility Daarian’s reading this, did you fall asleep? I love how you just put on your headphones without saying anything, like “bye I’m listening to music now.”  It gave me permission to do that too.  Anyway tonight was great fun.

     So now it’s homework time, and I’m alternating reading things on tumblr, reading my stupid pre-lab, and listening to various jams.  Tomorrow also promises to be a good time; I’m hitting up a local songwriter showcase with my new friends from the party.  Regen got really excited today b/c she though I was playing in it, but I told her that although I wasn’t, the more of them I go to and the more I think “I should be up there” the closer I’ll get to actually getting up there.  Hey, maybe that should be a BMO thing for me.  Can’t wait to show those guys some of the local music scene though, and also to attend a workshop about changing my major.  The sooner that happens the better.  I’m actually dreading tomorrow’s EE lab.  I know I’ve just got to finish out the quarter and keep up grades for 6 more weeks, but thinking about it that’s actually a pretty long time given how much I’m not enjoying certain classes like that one.